Mind Blowing Paradoxes that Will Screw Your Mind

Humans have always been fascinated about the puzzles and riddles but nothing compels the humans mind more than a paradox. When we try to think and solve a paradox in our mind our brain is like “I don’t know what I am thinking”.

This is me trying to understand the paradoxes

In this blog we are going to talk in about the “Paradoxes”. This is not boring because paradoxes are one of the most interesting things to think of if you are an above average brilliant mind. A paradox is a statement or a situation that completely goes against logic and contradicts itself to infinity and yet it is true.

The paradoxes have been a part of the philosophical thinking since centuries and it challenges our thinking ability. I am sure you might be confused with this but the below given examples will help you understand it further.

Get ready to play with your mind. Below given are the top 10 mind blowing paradoxes.

1) The Liars paradox

•    This is a famous paradox written by famous logician Chrysippos. This paradox is simple to understand but still it will play with your mind.
•    Consider this statement “I always Lie”. So am I lying or am I speaking the truth?
•    So here conclusion 1) if I am lying then the statement is false which means that I am saying the truth and conclusion 2) If I am saying the truth then that means I am not always lying hence again contradicting with the statement.
•    Try to create some of your own paradox like this and use it to confuse your friends.

2) The grandfather’s axe paradox

•    Now this is a confusing one. Famously known as he “Ship of Theseus” or the Grandfather’s axe paradox” this is a classic philosophical conundrum.
•    Imagine you have an object lets say a wooden ship like form the olden times made of 100 pieces of wood.
•    Now throughout the years you replace each and every piece of wood with a new one and you keep the old pieces with you in a shed.
•    And within some years you will have replaced all the old pieces with the new one but it is still your same old ship. Now here lies the paradox.
•    You gather all the old 100 pieces of wood and join them together to make a ship. Now the question is “Which is the original ship?”

3) The grandfather paradox

•    Now this is probably one of the most famous paradox and also my personal favorite paradox on the list.
•    The story goes like this” A guy let’s say “John” creates a time machine using which he goes back in time and kills his grandfather before his grandfather got married.”

•    Now here lies the paradox. “He kills his grandfather that means his father is never born, which results that he was never born, which also means that he never went back in time to kill his grandfather, which means his grandfather is not dead and his father is born and finally he is born. And guess what he again goes back in time to kill his grandfather. And the cycle continues”.
•    This is somewhat scientifically explained by me in my previous blog “3 ways to time travel”
•    The grandfather paradox is so interesting that I have elaborated this paradox with an interesting story which I will be publishing soon in my next blog.
•    Watch this YouTube video to get a clear understanding of the grandfather paradox.


4) The crocodile paradox

•    This is an interesting paradox
•    In a village a crocodile kidnaps a child and promises his parent to return the child on one condition. The condition that the crocodile puts is this ”if the parents are able to guess correctly whether the crocodile will return the child or not then the crocodile will return the child”

Case 1): If the parents had said “yes” and if the crocodile did intent to give back the child then the parents will take the child and leave.

(So far so good. Now here lies the paradox)

Case 2): If the parents had said “yes” and if the crocodile did not intent to give back the child then that means the parents guessed the wrong answer and thus he will not return the child.

Case 3): And if the parents said “No” and if the crocodile did actually intent to give back the child then he won’t return the child because the parents guessed the wrong answer.

Case 4): and if the parents said “No” and if crocodile did not actually intent to give back the child then still even though the parents gave the right answer the crocodile does not have to return the child because he never intended to return the child either way.

•    This paradox really goes beyond any logical explanation.

5) Omnipotence paradox


•    The omnipotence paradox is related to the God. As the God is all powerful he can create anything he wants and there is nothing he can’t do.
•    Now here is the paradox situation “Can God create a stone so heavy that even he can’t lift?”

•    As God is all powerful he must be able to create a stone so heavy that even he can’t lift but there is nothing that God can’t do so he must be able to lift the stone but then it clashes with the first statement and then it goes around.


These are some other paradoxes like statements that I found online:

  • No one goes to the restaurant because it is too crowded.
  • What would happen if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
  • What if you are in a train going at the speed of light and then you turn the headlights on.
  • Your mission is not to accept the mission. Now do you accept the mission?
  • If the temperature today is 0 degrees and then the news channel says that the temperature tomorrow is going to be twice as cold as it is today. What temperature will it be tomorrow.
  • Answer only with yes or no: will your answer be “no”?
  • Have you heard the statement “Ignore all the Rules!..” is a rule itself?

And some more Pictures:







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