Mind Blowing Paradoxes that Will Screw Your Mind

Humans have always been fascinated about the puzzles and riddles but nothing compels the humans mind more than a paradox. When we try to think and solve a paradox in our mind our brain is like “I don’t know what I am thinking”.

This is me trying to understand the paradoxes

In this blog we are going to talk in about the “Paradoxes”. This is not boring because paradoxes are one of the most interesting things to think of if you are an above average brilliant mind. A paradox is a statement or a situation that completely goes against logic and contradicts itself to infinity and yet it is true.

The paradoxes have been a part of the philosophical thinking since centuries and it challenges our thinking ability. I am sure you might be confused with this but the below given examples will help you understand it further.

Get ready to play with your mind. Below given are the top 10 mind blowing paradoxes.

1) The Liars paradox

•    This is a famous paradox written by famous logician Chrysippos. This paradox is simple to understand but still it will play with your mind.
•    Consider this statement “I always Lie”. So am I lying or am I speaking the truth?
•    So here conclusion 1) if I am lying then the statement is false which means that I am saying the truth and conclusion 2) If I am saying the truth then that means I am not always lying hence again contradicting with the statement.
•    Try to create some of your own paradox like this and use it to confuse your friends.

2) The grandfather’s axe paradox

•    Now this is a confusing one. Famously known as he “Ship of Theseus” or the Grandfather’s axe paradox” this is a classic philosophical conundrum.
•    Imagine you have an object lets say a wooden ship like form the olden times made of 100 pieces of wood.
•    Now throughout the years you replace each and every piece of wood with a new one and you keep the old pieces with you in a shed.
•    And within some years you will have replaced all the old pieces with the new one but it is still your same old ship. Now here lies the paradox.
•    You gather all the old 100 pieces of wood and join them together to make a ship. Now the question is “Which is the original ship?”

3) The grandfather paradox

•    Now this is probably one of the most famous paradox and also my personal favorite paradox on the list.
•    The story goes like this” A guy let’s say “John” creates a time machine using which he goes back in time and kills his grandfather before his grandfather got married.”

•    Now here lies the paradox. “He kills his grandfather that means his father is never born, which results that he was never born, which also means that he never went back in time to kill his grandfather, which means his grandfather is not dead and his father is born and finally he is born. And guess what he again goes back in time to kill his grandfather. And the cycle continues”.
•    This is somewhat scientifically explained by me in my previous blog “3 ways to time travel”
•    The grandfather paradox is so interesting that I have elaborated this paradox with an interesting story which I will be publishing soon in my next blog.
•    Watch this YouTube video to get a clear understanding of the grandfather paradox.


4) The crocodile paradox

•    This is an interesting paradox
•    In a village a crocodile kidnaps a child and promises his parent to return the child on one condition. The condition that the crocodile puts is this ”if the parents are able to guess correctly whether the crocodile will return the child or not then the crocodile will return the child”

Case 1): If the parents had said “yes” and if the crocodile did intent to give back the child then the parents will take the child and leave.

(So far so good. Now here lies the paradox)

Case 2): If the parents had said “yes” and if the crocodile did not intent to give back the child then that means the parents guessed the wrong answer and thus he will not return the child.

Case 3): And if the parents said “No” and if the crocodile did actually intent to give back the child then he won’t return the child because the parents guessed the wrong answer.

Case 4): and if the parents said “No” and if crocodile did not actually intent to give back the child then still even though the parents gave the right answer the crocodile does not have to return the child because he never intended to return the child either way.

•    This paradox really goes beyond any logical explanation.

5) Omnipotence paradox


•    The omnipotence paradox is related to the God. As the God is all powerful he can create anything he wants and there is nothing he can’t do.
•    Now here is the paradox situation “Can God create a stone so heavy that even he can’t lift?”

•    As God is all powerful he must be able to create a stone so heavy that even he can’t lift but there is nothing that God can’t do so he must be able to lift the stone but then it clashes with the first statement and then it goes around.


These are some other paradoxes like statements that I found online:

  • No one goes to the restaurant because it is too crowded.
  • What would happen if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
  • What if you are in a train going at the speed of light and then you turn the headlights on.
  • Your mission is not to accept the mission. Now do you accept the mission?
  • If the temperature today is 0 degrees and then the news channel says that the temperature tomorrow is going to be twice as cold as it is today. What temperature will it be tomorrow.
  • Answer only with yes or no: will your answer be “no”?
  • Have you heard the statement “Ignore all the Rules!..” is a rule itself?

And some more Pictures:







Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World Anyone would Love to Visit


The high population, the increasing crime rates, global warming and many many more negative  factors are certainly making the world a dangerous place to live in with each day passing by. But these international issues doesn’t seem to affect very few handful countries in the world who luckily enjoy some of the best lives on earth.

Below given are some of the top best countries to live in which will promise you all the freedom in your life.

10) Spain


  • The beautiful and famous Spain has a lifestyle score of 5.69 and it attracts millions of tourists every year which adds a huge sum of money to the nation’s economy.
  • Spain is the 3rd most visited country in the world after France and United States.
  • Spain also has one of the highest numbers of world heritage sites for the tourists.
  • Football is the most favourite game in Spain and they also have one of the best and star studded football team in the world.
  • The “la tomatina” festival in Spain attracts huge number of tourists from every corner of the world.
  • Spain also produces one of the world’s best wine. One trip to Spain is surely going to put a lifelong impression to any travel freaks.

9) Finland


  • The lifestyle score in Finland is 6.24 and it is a highly industrialized country.
  • Finland is one of the leading manufacturers of machinery, metals, electronics and chemicals in the world.
  • The literacy rate in Finland is an impressive 100% and their students almost all of the students do very well throughout their academics.
  • They are also considered as one of the best readers in the world.
  • The people of Finland known as the “Finnish” are the most digitalized people in the world with almost the entire population having an access to Smartphone, television and internet.
  • There are more than 187000 lakes which are also a perfect place for a family tour. These lakes provide them with the highest amount of availability of water to every citizen in Finland.
  • Highly punctual public transportation, high life expectancies, negligible corruption, low crime rates, healthy life style and much more leads to the high quality of life for every people in Finland.

8) Sweden


  • The main economy of Sweden is from the hydro power, iron ore and timber, telecommunications, industrial machines, chemical goods, motor vehicles.
  • Sweden offers a 1 year and 4 months of paternal leave with 80% of the salary because of which the parents get lot of time to spend with their children. This is why Sweden is one of the best countries in the world for growing kids.
  • Sweden is also one of the best countries for the women.
  • People of Sweden can be seen skating, skiing, and sledding even during the extreme weather conditions there.
  • Just like the other countries Sweden has a fresh and clean air because of which the health rate in Sweden is also very high.
  • The transportation system in Sweden is quite impressive as it covers even the most remote areas in the country with the best transportation system.

7) Canada


  • Canada is famous around the world for its education system and the literacy rate in Canada is also very high.
  • Factors like enhanced quality of life, low homicide rates, low corruption Canada is one of the favourite countries where people would like to migrate.
  • Highly advanced health care system in Canada has helped to raise their average life span to be up to 81 years.
  • Canada is one of the richest countries in the world and also one of the biggest Economies.
  • The Canadians are the sweetest kind of people and also have very broad-minded behavior.
  • Canadians are known to be the world’s greatest donors. They donate more than 60% of their money to the charities.
  • Canada provides an amazing rate of high life satisfaction to each and every citizen and they also have a very low level of unemployment.
  • Canada has lot of notable contributions in the medical and various fields of technologies and above that they are also one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

6) New Zealand


  • People in New Zealand have a high life expectancy, living an average of 82 years.
  • One of the amazing facts about new Zealand is that they have a human to animal ratio of 1:19 which means that the animals make about the 95% of the total population in new Zealand whereas he humans are just 5% of it.
  • New Zealand is also among the least corrupt countries in the world.
  • Superior life quality, lack of corruption, employment opportunities, equality, prosperity and economical freedom has helped New Zealand to be one of the best countries in the world to live in.
  • Sky tower Auckland in New Zealand which is about 1076 feet (328 meter) high gives an amazing view of the country and it is also one of the major tourist attractions in New Zealand.
  • There is a 360 degree revolving orbit restaurant in the sky tower where you can enjoy food with a 360 degree view of the beautiful surrounding.

5) Nederland

nederland molen.jpg

  • Nederland has one of the best infrastructures, security, literacy rate, freedom and it also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • It also has one of the lowest income inequality in the world and it is continuously improving
  • Nederland also known as Holland has huge number of renowned universities that are attracting huge number of international students.
  • Nederland is also famous for a majority of the people using bicycle as a mode of common transport which keeps them healthy and happy and which also results in very low level of pollution.
  • Nederland has many beautiful attractions for the tourists from all around the world.

4) Ireland


  • Crime is negligible in Ireland and the rate of homicide is only about 1.2 for every 1000 people.
  • The life style sore is 6.21 in Ireland. Ireland is an island and is located in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • It has breathtaking scenery and the island is completely green and population there are very benevolent.
  • Ireland has made lot of contributions to the world in science, culture and even technology.
  • Ireland is the home to the most healthy and tasty food in the world because of the ample amount of sunlight and fresh water.
  • They also have lot of amazing castles unlike anywhere else in the world.

3) Switzerland


  • Switzerland provides one of the best quality of life when seen into the factors like trust, safety, wealth, education and health to all their citizens.
  • All the people here can afford the education at a very low cost.
  • The people of Switzerland are called Swiss and their contribution to the technology is paramount and they have converted their cities into a high tech society in a very short time and they also provide one of the best tourism kind of modern in the world.
  • Switzerland always makes it to the best among the most stable politics and also a highly stable economics.
  • One can enjoy the highest perks of life in Switzerland.
  • This country has been attracting lots of mountaineers from all over the world due to their amazing and beautiful landscapes of tall mountains and glaciers like the central Alps.

2) Norway


  • The lifestyle score in Norway is a stunning 7.7 and it has been maintaining their highest position in life expectancy from last 12 years. The country’s healthy life style and their health care system gives their citizens an average life style of 82 years.
  • The people from Norway are called Norwegians and the Norwegians are also the best celebrators and party goers in the world.
  • The oil manufacturing and the shipping is their biggest strength which supports their socialist systems and also contributes a huge amount of wealth to their government.
  • They also have an immense resource of hydroelectricity, fisheries, petroleum etc.
  • The Norwegians are healthy due to their healthy diets and the country is also praised or their amazing beauty in the nature like mountains, landscapes, forests etc.
  • The Norwegians are also wealthy as most of the people have their own mode of transportation and they are also equipped with the latest digital gadgets.

1) Ice land


  • Ice land situated in the continent of Europe is undoubtedly the most peaceful nation in the world with near to 0 crime rate and they have maintained that spot for 7 consecutive years.
  • The literacy percentage in Iceland is also an impressive 99.9 percentage which is why you will find most of the people there buying and reading books.
  • The lifestyle score in Iceland is 7.52 and is also in among one of the “Top 10 cleanest countries” in the Forbes list because of which you can breathe the cleanest air in the world in Iceland. And not only that is has also remained one among the top wealthiest countries since many years.
  • As they have no violence in their country they also do not have an army and police but instead have rescue teams.
  • And one of the best thing in Iceland is that they provide a 9 month fully paid maternity leave for pregnant women which can also be shared by both the parent as they wish.

Pretty amazing right? The way all these above mentioned countries have maintained their culture, their people, their nature unaffected from the outer world. So which is your favorite country?