Is Money Really the Key to Happiness and Solve all Your Problems?

Does money really buy you happiness?

People confuse very much between happiness and fun. And most of the people believe the root cause of their unhappiness is the lack of money and they keep on cursing their situation instead of getting up on their ass and actually start working for it.


I cannot tell you how to be happy because everyone has different needs and wishes to be happy but i just want to send a message that happiness does not rely to having lot of money in our account.

Don’t confuse happiness with fun

Happiness is not fun and fun is not happiness. Money sure does buy you fun. LOT of FUN!! But it doesn’t buy you happiness. Because happiness is priceless and it is also free. It is like oxygen. But only very lucky people with a positive mentality can find happiness in their life no matter how miserable conditions they are going through.

Meanwhile fun is expensive and can be purchased. Actually it is very expensive and sometimes if greed strikes the cost has no limits. For example you ride a roller coaster for $20 dollars you will enjoy few moments of happiness (i.e. FUN) but after that that fun you just had is a memory. You can think about it and have a smile on your face but if you want that temporary happiness again you will have to spend another $20 dollars and so on for a continuous happiness which is clearly more expensive than you think.

People say it is better to cry in a BMW than in an old motorcycle but that actually doesn’t make any sense. You are sad means you are sad it doesn’t matter whether you are in a BMW or on a cycle or on the top of a mountain or moon.

Money buys you all the expensive stuff you have ever dreamed of and that gives you lot of happiness (a.k.a FUN) and also may be lot of cool friends. But as soon as the money is over the, fun is over and even most of those 2 faced friends will be gone.

I am not saying that you don’t need money. Money is insanely important. If you are broke and if you can support you family you sure will find yourself in situation similar to hell. You do need money and you sure must make as much money as possible but never let it take the place of your happiness replace it with fun.

The most important purpose of money is to have 3 times food a day, a roof over your head and some good clothes to wear and still after spending on all of these basic requirements if you have lot remaining you can spend as much as you want on your enjoyment.

What defines happiness? Why is it priceless yet free?

If you have a good family, very few good friends(not in social media), a roof over your head, clothes to wear and enough food to eat believe me you are happier than 70% of the people in this world and that also includes people who are 10 times richer than you.


During my school time I had a class mate who was rich I mean super rich. Like he could have easily got a Harley Davidson made of silver. But no!! Due to security reasons and business rivalry of his father he constantly had bodyguards with him to pick up from school and drop him, he wasn’t even allowed to ride any vehicles and because of which he couldn’t even ride a cycle freely through the road (Davidson is a far dream for him). I am sure he had lot of money and he will never face any kind of financial crisis no matter what situation he went through but I could clearly see that deep inside he was not happy and free.

Don’t give too much of your precious time making money (Unless you need it urgently like a medical necessity or etc.) if you can satisfy all your needs with the amount of money you are making. Spend your time interacting with your family, with people, help the needy make your name, immortal in this world because your name and respect will be the only things that you will be carrying into the afterlife.

Learn something new every day. Make sure that you are smarter today than you were yesterday. Try to stop spending your time on partying with your friends and family instead use that money to travel across the places you have never been to with all of them. Because traveling is the best way to learn.


Thoughts to remember:

1)    Happiness is like Oxygen; it is priceless yet free. Something which money cannot buy.
2)    If you want to learn something, get out of the library, travel and search for the answers to your questions.
3)    Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it buys you fake respect, lot of fun, 90% of fake love etc.
4)    Buy all the respect you possibly can on earth because that’s the only thing you will be taking along when you leave earth.
5)     Ask yourself is money really the key to all our happiness or just a small part of it.
6)    Always remember, never forget to smile. 🙂


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