5 Evidences which Might Prove that Time Travelers Actually Exist

In my last blog I discussed how we could travel in time with the help of science and nature which I concluded in a long blog at the end that it is IMPOSSIBLE or is it? I love the concept of time travel and I just want it to be possible for us to time travel (even though in the wrong hands the outcomes may be disastrous). And I hope I can participate in the time travel when it is possible. Did you know that there have been many freaking incidents and some even caught on camera that can prove that there might be some time travelers among-st us??!!

Nobody has any proof with any of these incidents but they can put some serious questions into the curious minds (Especially time travel freaks). Let’s have a look at few of the possible time travelers that might really freak you out.

1.    That Mysterious Cool Guy


  • Do you see anything strange in this image shown above? That doesn’t really fit into it. Try to find it out yourself before you read further.
  • This image was found from a book printed in 1974 which contained old photographs and stories of a small geographical area between Canada and the United States, Cape Scott.
  • In that book one photo specially drew their attention which shows a group of people in 1917 who were all dressed in the fashion of that time but one odd man who caught everyone’s eyes didn’t actually seem to belong to that league.
  • A mysterious guy in T-Shirt and shorts who doesn’t quite fit to the other people.
  • He as you can see has a modern hair style and you can notice how the man sitting close to him is staring at him and not only that he also got the attention of some ladies sitting on the right side of the image which seems that they are pointing towards the mysterious man.
  • Another fact that you must know is that Albert published his first paper on the Cosmology in 1917. And as we all know that Einstein was a very slow learner as a child so is it possible that this man went back in time and helped Einstein with all his theories??
  • It is also to be noted that USA joined the world war 1 in 1917 may be this guy went back in time to support his country during the world was or may be even to do something bad. God knows!!

2.    Time traveler in Charlie Chaplin movie?

  • The below given footage is from a Charlie Chaplin promotional film back in 1928. It shows a woman who seems like using a mobile phone.

gif (1).gif

  • A mysterious woman in dressed in a long coat and hat walking with something near to her ears. It clearly seems as if she is laughing and talking to someone.
  • It looks as if she is talking to someone on a cell phone and as we all know there were no cell phones back in then. Is she a time traveler from future with a cell phone?
  • The gesture shown in the clip clearly looks like a person from the modern day talking informally on their phone.
  • Many claim that this is one of the proofs of the time travelers and no one yet have been able to come up with a clear explanation to this strange gesture.
  • But even if she was talking on the cell phone then it means there is some other person on the other side of the phone.
  • This is clearly impossible because there were no mobile towers or satellites for that purpose during those times.
  • Only Charlie Chaplin can give a clear explanation to this clip and that is going to be the first thing I am going to do when I meet him in the afterlife.

3) That one stylish man

blog 3.jpg

  • This photo was taken at the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s. And now do you see that guy in Goggles? Yes that strange looking stylish guy he just doesn’t fit in the group.
  • It can be easily noticed that he wearing a modern clothing.  He is totally out of the style when we compare him with the rest of the guys in the crowd.
  • He is wearing a fancy glass, modern clothes and a branded stylish T- shirt. Is he a time traveling hipster?


  • Co-incidentally the World War 2 was going on during the time that time and if he is really a time traveler then it is a possibility that he came there to help take down Hitler.
  • But that seems slightly possible. But what’s wrong with guessing?

4) Swiss Watch 400 Years Ago?

  • Now this is more compelling to believe in the possible existence of time travelers than the previous ones.
  • The Chinese archaeologists removed the opening of a giant coffin in which what was believed to be an undisturbed 400 year old tomb dating back to the Ming dynasty in the Shangsi, southern china.
  • And now here a strange thing happened. As they removed the soil around the coffin however they were pretty shocked to discover a tiny watch in the shape of a ring and marked Swiss.
  • China-watch2-337319.jpgThis mysterious time piece was encrusted in mud and rock and was showing to be stopped at time 10:06. Watches were obviously not around at that time.


  • Does this lead to another time traveler who traveled back in time to the Ming dynasty with a tiny Swiss watch? But why would he do that? I have no clue…Do you?

5) Mobile Phones Are Not Allowed During Boxing Competition in 1994

  • This one is probably the most mind blowing proof of potential time travelers. The below given image is from a boxing match between mike Tyson and peter Mcneeley.


  • One of the members in the audience can be seen holding a very strange device. It appears as if that person is holding a Smartphone and recording the match.
  • And we all know Smart phones didn’t exist until a decade ago and the phones with camera weren’t introduced until the year 2000.
  • When the video was put into YouTube it got an instant fame with about more than 6.8 million views within a year.


  • A lot of people said this was a Casio camera model of 1995 that is shown below. But the Casio camera was not available in the color white and even if you compare the two images you can see that they don’t look totally similar and also the guy is recording the match vertically. Why would he do that? This camera is supposed to be recording horizontally.
This is the Casio camera model of 1995
  • As you can easily see in the video that this camera is not used by that guy over there because Casio is supposed to be used horizontally to take pictures not vertically like the modern day smartphones or like the time traveling guy enjoying the Mike Tyson fight.

I really hope people don’t find suitable answers to all these time traveling proofs so that I can keep on believing that time traveling will be one day actually possible. As we have seen in the previous blog that time traveling using technology is never going to be possible. So maybe this is possible with the help of nature as the nature is the only this in the universe that can change their own rules of physics.

What are your thoughts?? Place your comments below.

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